Cannabis Tourist Guide to Denver

I have several friends that always ask me how to shop and get the best weed in Denver when they visit.  With some prompting from “Texans for Medical Marijuana” Facebook group, I’ve put this together here.

1. If you know a friend in Denver, get their input first, particularly if they toke.

2. Know the laws for consuming cannabis.

3. With over 300 dispensaries (more than Starbucks or McDonalds), SHOP AROUND, don’t feel obligated to buy just because you’re in the place at that moment.

With this little post, I will be able to help most tourists do very well while they are here.

The FIRST thing to know is that Marijuana/Cannabis is legalized within the state lines of Colorado.  There is no distinction for in-state residence or out-of-state on this point.  You are allowed to possess and consume (within the guidelines below).

Out-of-state visitors are only allowed to PURCHASE 1/4 ounce (7 grams) at a time.  Valid State ID or Driver’s License is required showing age of 21 or older.

You CANNOT consume cannabis in public.

Hotels/Motels will generally not allow you to smoke in your room.  This is not a hotel policy but the “Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act” that prohibits (tobacco) smoking in most indoors locations.  This law is the main law preventing hotels from allowing cannabis consumption within the rooms.  Some hotels are looking at “vaping” as an alternative to traditional combustion/burning of cannabis, but that has not happened yet.

Driving while impaired is illegal, whether you are impaired on alcohol or cannabis.  With Colorado’s “Express Consent” laws, Colorado Law Enforcement can force you to provide blood for chemical analysis for Cannabis Intoxication.  So, DO NOT CONSUME IN YOUR CAR, EVEN IF IT IS PARKED.  Transport your marijuana purchases like alcohol.  The dispensary will give you a sealed “exit bag” and other child-protection devices to make getting into the packages hard.  Leave it in the bag (sealed) and in the back seat or in your trunk.  Make sure there are no “open containers” to give law enforcement the excuse to harass you.


1. Get to 3995 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113.  This is iBake Englewood and it is the START and END of our adventure.  Open daily Noon to Midnight.  iBake Englewood DOES NOT SELL any cannabis products, but is the place to start.

2. Go get a CannaPages directory (on top of the fridge with the drinks) and take a look at the recreational dispensary coupons in the back.  You can also plan your route with the addresses from the directory (if you go beyond Broadway).  Wi-Fi available at iBake Englewood for Google Maps, etc.

3. Even if you don’t have any weed, the friendly patrons at iBake Englewood will likely GIVE you some to get you started.  Ask questions.  They will answer you.  We all have our favorite places and various places specialize in particular strains.  The listings you find on the dispensary websites are typically NOT ACCURATE, and do not reflect what they have on the shelf for purchase.  The only way we know that X dispensary has Y strain is because someone went there and purchased it, and reported back.

4. iBake Englewood is located south of the “Green Mile” or “Broadsterdam”; south Broadway in Denver.  After getting recommendations, simply drive north and look for green medical crosses on signs.

5. Come back to iBake Englewood and smoke.  They have glass house pieces to use for dabbing or toking, have grinders and papers if you roll.

The rules at iBake Englewood:

21 years old or older, no alcohol, no illegal activities (even with cannabis).  In general, be cool and don’t harsh our mellow.


How much marijuana can I have? — The limitation is on how much you can purchase “at a time”.  People tend to over-purchase and abandon or give it away before going to the airport, so don’t go crazy.  Get a quarter and smoke it.  You can get more.  A total of one ounce is the possession limit for non-medical users.

Someone can just give you cannabis/marijuana? — It is illegal to make unlicensed sales and purchases, but it is completely legal to give cannabis to another consenting adult of age 21 or older, regardless of residency.

How much can I expect to spend? — Recreational pricing is very competitive.  Prices have fallen almost 25% in the past year (Spring 2014 to Spring 2015) overall, but still expect to spend $40 to $75 for that 1/4 ounce depending on quality (11/03/15).  Recreational pricing on concentrates tend to be around $35 to $50/gram as well.  Be aware that Colorado taxes for Recreational Cannabis range from 21% to over 25% (depending on municipality), so be sure to calculate that as well.

How is iBake Englewood able to operate if there is no “Public Consumption” of cannabis? — By being a private business.  Smoking is done privately and is not open to the public to view.  iBake limits their memberships to consenting adults 21-years or older and medical users 18-years or older.

How much does it cost to join iBake Englewood? — Monthly membership is $10 and includes your daily entrance fee on that day.  It is $4.20 per day for the rest of the month when you visit.  Once the fee is paid, you are allowed re-entry for the day, so you can come and go as you wish.

I’m BAKED, how do I get back to the hotel? — We recommend Uber and other similar 420-friendly driving services.  Cannabis intoxication is short and we encourage you to hang out until you are sober to leave, but other safe alternatives are available.

I have the MUNCHIES!! — iBake Englewood provide drinks and snacks for sale.  They also allow you to order in from the many restaurants in the area and have it delivered.  Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut are literally across the street.

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