I am a cannabis expert with over 25 years of growing experience and over a decade teaching others how to grow medical cannabis.  I have taught and assisted grow operations across the United States and Canada, covering hydroponic, organic soil, and alternative mediums, indoor, outdoor, and greenhouses.

I am an autodidact with a 187 IQ that has focused on medical marijuana/cannabis for over two decades.  This is mentioned because I’m weird in the “Big Bang Theory” kind of way dealing with academics, research scientists and technology gurus.  Anyone that hires me needs to know that I’m extremely brainy and extremely unconventional in my thought processes.  Ironically, it is the same kind of kookiness I love in the cannabis industry too, from old paranoid prohibition growers and dealers to medical patients and their caregivers.  I am a licensed badge holder with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division and can work in any cannabis business within the State of Colorado.

My professional career has involved Real Estate, Customer Service, Technical Support, Technical Writing, Technical/Adult Training, and Process Development and Management, Project Management, and Personnel Management.  I have also run my own online business.  I am currently still employed with Apple Inc. and have been there for over a decade now, but giving it all up to switch industries.

Cannabis has been a miracle medication for me and it can help many more people than it does now.  I want to make cannabis mainstream so that it can help more people.

I am looking for a company that inspires me and understands their “why”.

If you are looking to revolutionize your cannabis business, email me at resume[at]mmj-refugee.com for full résumé.

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