Ed Rosenthal’s Easy Marijuana Gardening

Novice Rating: ★★☆ (3 1/2 stars) - A good first book for those novice users with no mentor or teacher to lean on.  Surefire tips from the master himself.

Veteran Rating: ★ (1 star) - Worthy for a veterna grower for Ed’s special hydroponic mix for his “Option 2” system.

Ed Rosenthal’s Easy Marijuana Gardening is a wonderful book showing you great basics and how-to manual for an easy, highly productive, and low maintenance garden.

One amazingly easy hydroponic system crosses what I have seen in many Ebb and Flow systems (flood and drain) and deep water cultures, using his special soil combination to ensure proper aeration and moisture for the roots.

Ed elaborates more on the harvesting, drying, trimming and curing in this book than he has in his later books.  Great information for only a few bucks from independent book stores.  A fine alternative for expensive books like Mediman’s Marijuana Made Simple.

This is a great companion for Ed’s later Oaksterdam University material and provides real solutions to common problems, the type of stuff lacking in the school style textbook.

Click on this link to do an ISBN search for this book at independent book sellers at AbeBooks.com.

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