Ed Rosenthal’s Closet Cultivator

Novice Rating: ★★ (3 stars) - Good budget book with good information for the novice.

Veteran Rating: ★ (1 star) - Not worthwhile if you are already a veteran grower.

Ed Rosenthal is a powerhouse name when it comes to growing marijuana, but his later flavor and voice in his books are very much in the line of teach/textbook form of learning.  It is likely why Ed’s book is used by Oaksterdam University.

But Ed wasn’t always the clean professor type that he is today.  He had the “Easy Marijuana Gardening” and this book the year previous, “Closet Cultivator”.

In this book, you get some of Ed’s best tricks and tips for growing in very confined spaces.  This book is often overlooked because it was published in 1999, but still worth it, particularly for the inexpensive price it can be found for.  Expert knowledge at under Five Bucks.

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