Jeff Mowta’s Marijuana New School Indoor Cultivation

Novice Rating: ★★★ (3 stars) - A bit technical for a novice grower, but the guerilla growing and making your own equipment from the hardware store makes this valuable for those staying off the radar.

Veteran Rating: ★★★ (3 stars) - The same technical details that make this a bit much for the novice grower offers up some interesting options for the veteran for the same hardware store solutions.

This particular gem of a book is older than the books described thus far.  It still stands out because it is basically a build manual with several different options so you can pick and choose what you want.  Very strong cloning instructions, Very strong nutrient mixing and daily grow room maintenance instructions, and a small section on the basics of breeding.

One warning: the book reads very much like a technical manual, but this elaboration makes the information in other books stronger, in my opinion.  Maybe not your FIRST marijuana book, but definitely your third or fourth book as you make refinements to your own system, unless you have Aspergers or enjoy reading rules published for Star Fleet Battles.

Granted, if you follow the directions and builds in this book literally, you are going to be very successful.

Jeff Mowta also has the Marijuana New School Outdoor Cultivation with very much the same style as this book.

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