Tommy McCarthy’s Growing Marijuana

Novice Rating: ★ (2 stars) - If this is the only book you can get as a novice, or you need to broach the subject with your spouse/partner, this is a soft introduction.  The information is factual, if not detailed.

Veteran Rating: ☐ (0 stars) - If you are a veteran grower, this book is utterly useless.

Of all the books provided thus far, this is the first hardcover book reviewed.

If you are going to make a soft introduction to marijuana growing to someone, say a friend or relative that asks you about medical marijuana, this is a book to get them. The book is particular strong if they are “straight” and are generally inexperienced with marijuana.

Not enough detail as compared to Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook and Jorge Cervantes’ Medical Grower’s Bible.

A good coffee table book and conversation starter with honest and real information, just not detailed enough for successful execution of your own garden, in my opinion.

Good nightstand book for those that want to dabble.

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