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Now that you have added a few books to your collection, I bet you are starting to want to get your hands dirty or wet.

HydroFarm is your one stop shop for ALL of the material mentioned in the growers’ books previously and subsequently referenced in this resources section.

“Now isn’t that dangerous and doesn’t that get you on the Fed watch list?”

Why, yes it does, and here is my recommendation.  There is very likely a hydroponic horticulture store in your city.  Go there and find the “Retail Guide” for HydroFarm.

Just like any good gardening center, your local friendly hydoponics retailer has a section in the front and very frequently, you can find such gems.

This will allow you to do all of your shopping and browsing “analogue” and not do that online.  Also a good way to price out what it is going to cost to do your own grow project.

If you do decide to do things online, be careful and use the Tor Network.

HydroFarm also has it’s own YouTube channel with great information to help you get started.

Download the HydroFarm Retail Guide 2013 (48MB PDF) or go to their catalogue download site.

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